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While many Chicago drivers believe the battery powers the car, the truth is, the battery only starts the car. So what is an alternator and what does it do? The alternator works like a generator, using the propulsion from your gas engine in combination with a spinning rotor and magnets to utilize electromagnetic induction. This produces electricity, which gets sent to your car's electrical systems. Capisce? If you want to know more, the experts in the Honda City Chicago service department would be happy to answer any lingering questions.


Problems With Your Alternator?

Are you worried your alternator is dying? Pilsen-area drivers need to ensure they won't get stuck while on the go. The below symptoms may be warning signs that your alternator is on its way out. If you notice these problems, stop by Honda City Chicago on Pulaski for some advice.

  • Battery warning light appearing on the dashboard
  • Dim headlights or interior lights
  • Burning rubber smell under the hood
  • Devices not charging
  • Whining or screeching sound after the vehicle has started
  • Unable to start
alternator car part

Bad Alternator or Bad Battery?

Do you have a bad battery or a bad alternator on your hands? Many people confuse the two. The best way to test which problem you've got on your hands is to wait until your vehicle needs a jump. When you jump-start the engine, if you remove the jumper cables and it dies immediately, the problem is likely the alternator. If your vehicle continues to run after removing the jumper cables, the battery is likely the culprit. Schedule a service appointment with Honda City Chicago near Oak Lawn if you're worried you may have a bad battery or alternator. Regardless of which part is failing, don't forget to check our parts specials, it may save you some dough!

How Long Does an Alternator Last?

The lifespan of an alternator should be between 80,000 and 150,000 miles or about seven years. Your alternator can wear out prematurely due to several factors:

  • Alternator quality
  • Driving conditions
  • Power drain on the alternator

How Much is it to Replace an Alternator?

Alternator prices, especially across different brands and models, can vary greatly. With that said, bring your Honda or non-Honda car by Honda City Chicago for a free quote. Our extensive parts department carries alternators for a wide variety of vehicles and our technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and install them correctly.

Visit Honda City Chicago Near Cicero for a New Alternator

Whether you're planning to replace an alternator yourself or have someone else do it, stop by Honda City Chicago. Our parts department can find the exact part you need at a sensible price, and our auto body shop can keep your vehicle in top condition. You can even learn how to connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, how to make a winter emergency kit, hand car wash vs. touchless car washes, warranty on a Honda battery, or find out how to fix a car scratch or dent. And as always, contact us for any advice!