If you're a driver in the Chicago area, here's one more reason to buy a new Honda from your local Honda dealership: every Honda vehicle is covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which includes excellent coverage for your new car's battery. If your battery is found to be defective within 3 years or 36,000 miles, Oak Park-area drivers receive a replacement battery free of charge. Parts, installation, and labor are covered! For the remaining time in the warranty, you'll receive a credit toward a new battery. Buying directly from Honda gets you a 100-month Honda battery warranty, or about 8 years. Learn more about your Honda battery warranty below from Honda City Chicago. 

When Should I Replace my Honda Battery?

Most Cicero drivers can expect a car battery to last between 2 and 5 years. When it comes to a more exact figure, many factors can impact battery life. From weather conditions to driving habits, regular use of your vehicle will affect your battery's performance over time. As they age, all batteries lose their ability to charge -- even if the car is left parked for extended periods.

Ways to Extend your Car Battery Life

With regular maintenance and care, you can help lengthen the life of your battery. Try the following ways to keep your battery going for as long as possible:

  • Turn off headlights and interior lights at the end of your drive. Leaving lights on after exiting your vehicle is a major drain on your battery. Similarly, it's best to avoid using your vehicle's onboard electronics while the car is idle.
  • Avoid short drives. If you're tempted to drive that quarter mile to save a few minutes, consider the cost to your battery. Between quick trips around Chicago, your battery won't have time to fully recharge, and using it this way can create extra strain.
  • Keep up with your car's regular maintenance schedule. Keeping current on your vehicle's service schedule ensures that any battery issues or risks are caught early by an expert technician. Honda specialists at Honda City can keep your car in top shape when you schedule service with us near Chicago!

Honda 100 Month Battery Warranty Details

When you purchase a replacement battery directly from your Honda dealer, it is covered by a 100-month (or 8 years and 4 months) limited warranty. Replacement exhaust components (muffler, A-pipe, and B-pipe) purchased from your Honda dealer are also covered for as long as you own the vehicle. Your Honda Replacement Battery Limited Warranty is divided into two phases:

  1. During the first 36 months (or 3 years) of coverage, a defective battery will be replaced at no cost, including labor and installation. 
  2. For the remaining 64 months (or 5 years and 4 months), you will receive a credit toward the purchase of a new battery. The amount of credit is based on the then-current retail price:
    • Months 37 to 45: 60%
    • Months 46 to 55: 50%
    • Months 56 to 65: 40%
    • Months 66 to 75: 30%
    • Months 76 to 85: 20%
    • Months 86 to 95: 10%
    • Months 96 to 100: 5%

Learn More About your Honda Battery Warranty at Honda City Chicago!

Contact the Honda City Chicago Service Center to learn about battery life, and lots more car-care tips such as what does an alternator do, how to unlock a steering wheel, or how to repair scratches and dents. Browse our rotating selection of service specials for Chicago drivers, and be sure to stop by when it's time for your Honda vehicle's maintenance check-up!