Given Honda's extreme popularity and sky-high reputation, it's hard to imagine a time when this iconic brand wasn't a fixture within the auto industry. But a look at the Honda history timeline reveals the drive and passion that catapulted Honda from a Japan-based motorcycle company to a global conglomerate. Let's take a look back at the roots of the brand, and find out how one motorcycle led to an extensive inventory of quality vehicles.

Ambitious Beginnings

  • 1948: The Honda Motor Co. brand launched on September 24 by Soichiri Honda, the creative visionary of the company. Takeo Fujisawa joined the team one month later, which inspired a business partnership that would last a lifetime.
  • 1953: Honda's Juno K-Type was entered into the Isle of Man TT Race, which introduced both Japanese motorcycles and Japanese riders into the international motor race world.
  • 1957: The debut of the Dream C70 sets the new standard for the brand with a higher-output engine with a lower price than competitors.
  • 1958: Honda becomes the top motorcycle manufacturer in the world, fulfilling a goal set just one decade earlier.

Fateful Expansion

  • 1960: Honda R&D Co. was established to expand the design team and create a growing outlet for new voices.
  • 1962: Honda begins producing mini sportcars and trucks to enter into the automotive industry, and the Honda Sports S360 debuted - driven by Soichiri Honda himself!
  • 1964: The automotive chapter expands rapidly with three new operations, including research and finance departments.
  • 1966: Honda sales offices pop up across the nation in anticipation of the upcoming vehicle lineup.
  • 1972: The Honda Civic is introduced, and customers immediately latch onto this small passenger vehicle. The Accord follows shortly after.

Modern Innovations

  • 1979: The four-stroke engine with oval piston revolutionizes the motorcycle segment.
  • 1981: The very first automotive navigation system makes its appearance, setting the stage for a new way to travel.
  • 1987: The Honda Legend showcases the first Japanese airbag system, tested extensively for its reliability.
  • 1990: The Honda NSX is born out of the team's passion for sleek and powerful sports cars.
  • 1994: The Honda Odyssey marks its first appearance as a large-size minivan with a V6 engine.

Drive into the Future

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