Don't hit the road without your car emergency kit! It's probably not on your mind as you drive around Cicero or Oak Lawn, but it's vital. Whether you prefer to put your car emergency kit DIY skills to the test or buy a pre-packaged one, make sure it's packed and ready, so you stay safe on the road. 

Car Emergency Kit List

Be sure your car emergency kit includes these items, and Chicago drivers should also follow these winter driving safety tips.
  • Charged cell phone. It's a no-brainer, but you should always carry your phone and a charger.
  • Reflective warning markers. Experts recommend spacing three 50 feet apart around your vehicle if it's disabled.
  • Jumper cables. These should be at least 10 feet long, coated with 8-gauge rubber or thicker.
  • Tire gauge. Check the air in your tires often, and make sure your spare is inflated, too.
  • Foam tire sealant. If you get a flat, you may be able to repair it without changing the tire.
  • Flashlight and batteries. Make sure it's waterproof and it works.
  • Winter items. Add a snow shovel, ice scraper, kitty litter, and warm blanket during the winter months.
Emergency on the road? Honda City can always help. You can even find more helpful features like our Chicago driving tips so can be aware behind the wheel. Contact us today!


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