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When it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket parts, what's the difference - and why should you care? The truth is that aftermarket parts can be a major gamble. Some customers are tempted by a lower price tag, only to find that they received a total lemon. Honda City Chicago recommends Honda OEM parts, and we think you'll agree.

Benefits of OEM Honda Parts

The OEM, or "Original Equipment Manufacturer," label means that the parts were created and backed by the car's manufacturer. OEM Honda parts were made to fit Honda models specifically, which means there's no guesswork.
  • Honda OEM parts are guaranteed to work in your vehicle, while aftermarket parts are not.
  • Aftermarket parts are made by a variety of manufacturers, which leads to inconsistent quality.
  • OEM Honda parts often have a warranty to protect the customer, while aftermarket parts rarely do.

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