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Honda Pilot Performance

2018 Honda Pilot

So much is said about the incredible Honda Pilot interior and features, but the Honda Pilot performance just might be our favorite aspect of this modern family SUV. From its standard V6 to its available variable torque all-wheel-drive, this powerhouse can take on any adventure with serious style. Let's take a closer look at the latest Honda Pilot specs, so you know what to expect when you visit Honda City Chicago for your test drive!


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How to Remove Stickers from a Car

If your sticker-covered vehicle could use a fresh start, then you might wonder how to properly peel away those old band logos and political slogans. Luckily, learning how to remove stickers from a car isn't hard. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily remove stickers from car paint and glass surfaces in an afternoon!


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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Auto Parts
When it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket parts, what's the difference - and why should you care? The truth is that aftermarket parts can be a major gamble. Some customers are tempted by a lower price tag, only to find that they received a total lemon. Honda City Chicago recommends Honda OEM parts, and we think you'll agree.


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Honda CR-V Reviews

2018 Honda CR-V reviews
The Honda CR-V has been a popular pick with Chicago drivers in the past, but the latest Honda CR-V reviews show that this SUV has brought its game to the next level. The newest model features turbocharged power, improved suspension, advanced technology, and a modern look that's sure to thrill any driver. Take a look at the latest Honda CR-V specs with Honda City Chicago, serving the Cicero and Oak Lawn communities.


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Car Games for Kids

Exhausted children with digital devices sleeping in car during trip


Traveling with kids can be a blast, but it's easy to get a little bored en route to your Illinois day trip. Rather than packing tons of books and toys to clutter the cabin, why not try a few of our favorite tried-and-true car games for kids? These fun activities require zero equipment, and the entire family can play!


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Traveling with Pets



If you're heading out on a new adventure, don't leave your furry friends behind! Traveling with pets can be a ton of fun - if you do the right prep work. Pack the right gear, take the proper safety precautions, and you're ready for your next Illinois day trip with the whole family!


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Honda Civic Reviews

The latest Honda Civic reviews praise the agile performance and top safety features of this popular sedan. Learn the Honda Civic specs with Honda City Chicago, near Oak Lawn and Cicero.
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Car Essentials

What are the most important things to things to keep in your car? Find out the top car essentials with Honda City Chicago, serving neighboring Cicero and Oak Lawn.
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