Finding a Safe, Reliable Vehicle for Your Teenager

Few milestones are as important to a teenager as picking out their first car. The team at Honda City Chicago is standing by to help you and your teen navigate this important step, and we invite you to our showroom in Chicago to try out a variety of different vehicles to find one that’s a perfect fit.

Teenagers already have a collective reputation for being risk-takers, so choosing a lower horsepower vehicle is generally a smart idea. Going with a vehicle with electronic stability control is also important, and this is especially true for kids who regularly drive in hilly, mountainous or icy conditions.

Bigger is usually better when it comes to vehicle safety, so avoiding compact and subcompact cars and SUVs makes good sense. Staying on top of the latest safety ratings from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and keeping track of automotive recall notices are also key steps to safe driving for your teenager.



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