Tire Care: Treads & Pressure

Whether you commute locally or drive long trips far from Chicago, you deserve to be a well-informed driver. At Honda City Chicago, we provide helpful tips that will raise your car knowledge. Today, let's talk about your tires.

Your tires' inflation level affects your handling, your safety and your budget. Under-inflated tires handle sloppily. Over-inflated tire cause stability problems. Also, tires with too much air in them can burst as temperatures increase. Both inflation situations cause premature tread wear. Routinely check your tires with an air-pressure gauge. When adding or removing air, always use your vehicle's recommended tire pressure.

A tire's tread matters as much as its air pressure. You need ample tread for grip and deep grooves to channel water. Test your grooves' depths with a penny. Point the top of Lincoln's head toward the tire. Lower the penny into a groove. If you can see Lincoln's entire head, you need new tires.



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