Understand Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

We appreciate every piece of tech that comprises today's autos at Honda City Chicago, and we love sharing car-technology info with our customers. Today, we want to tell you about electrochromic mirrors.

That high-tech term we just used is another name for auto-dimming rearview mirrors, and those mirrors can help you drive safer and more comfortably. Have you experienced glare in your rearview mirror at night? These mirrors reduce glare without any action from you. With auto-dimming mirrors, you can also avoid the Troxler Effect. That's the term for that blind spot you see after a bright light stops shining in your eye.

Within modern automotive mirrors, you will find circuitry that instructs the glass when to dim and brighten. Connected to the circuit board, you will also see a light detector. Guided by photodiode-based technology, light detectors convert light into electrical current. Brighter light causes more current to flow and the electrochromic mirror to dim further.



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