Strange Car Noises

mechanic inspecting a vehicle​Strange car noises can put a major damper on your morning drive, but there's no reason to despair. Car noises can result from tons of different causes, from dead batteries to low motor oil. Whether you hear grinding sounds when starting car or squealing sounds when you hit the brakes, Honda City Chicago can help diagnose and resolve those pesky car sounds.

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High-Pitched Noises

If you hear screeching and squealing, pay very close attention to your driving circumstances. Are you braking? Are you turning? These clues can reveal a great deal about your car issue.

  • Belts: If the squeal stops when the engine stops, your belt needs adjusting.
  • Brakes: Notice a squeak when you hit the brakes? You'll need new brake pads soon.
  • Bearings: If you her a whining on curved roads, your wheel bearing may be shot.

Deep Rumbles

Lower pitched noises can be more difficult to hear, but it's important to locate where the sound is coming from. Does it start under the hood or near the rear of the vehicle?

  • Drivetrain: Rumbles from the back of the car are usually parts of the drivetrain, exhaust pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter.
  • Shocks: A clunking noise under the car is probably the result of a worn suspension system or shock absorbers.
  • Engine: Hear a loud knocking sound near the engine? Call a tow. This could be a faulty piston or loose bearing.

Tips to Diagnose Car Sounds

If you aren't an expert, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the location of these odd car sounds. One trick of the trade is to get an old stethoscope and swap out the rubber disc for a piece of tubing. Run your engine and use your stethoscope to listen under the hood. This boosts the volume of the sounds, so you can determine exactly where the ticking or squealing is occurring.

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