How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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While you can peruse our new inventory to experience that legendary Honda gas mileage for yourself, did you know that you can improve your fuel efficiency as soon as today? Your driving habits can make a huge impact on the way your car utilizes its fuel, and just a few adjustments can squeeze quite a bit of extra mileage out of every tank of gas.

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Driving Style

Your car performs at its peak when it doesn't have to strain, so think about that when you're hitting the road. Slamming on the brakes and accelerating to lightning speeds causes your engine to work harder. Try to take it easy and drive with caution to maximize your fuel efficiency. Additionally, watch your weight. Your car is the most aerodynamic when not overloaded with boxes, bags, and other gear. Consider a good spring cleaning to reduce drag on the road.


Maintaining your vehicle properly can have a huge impact on your fuel efficiency. Most Cicero and Oak Lawn drivers know that regular oil changes will help your engine perform at its peak, but did you know that your air filter can also affect your mileage? One study found that replacing the air filter improve fuel economy by 15 percent! Think about how much better your car will run with a quick trip to the dealership.

Tire Care

Finally, don't forget about tire care. One of the quickest ways to improve your fuel economy is to inflate your tires to the right pressure. Underinflated tires need to work harder to roll on the roads, which leads to poor fuel economy figures. While you're checking your air pressure, take a look at your tread as well. The more traction your car can maintain, the less work it needs to do overall - which translates to better mileage.

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While anyone can easily learn how to improve their fuel economy, sometimes it's simply time for an upgrade! If you want to find a car that makes the most out of every drop of gas, check out the Honda Fit. You'll be blown away by the Honda gas mileage! Contact us

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