Choosing the Best Winter Tires

Choosing the right winter tires is about more than getting the right size at a good price. It also involves getting the best winter tire for your vehicle based on the type of winter conditions in which you drive most. Let our professionals at Honda City Chicago help you become an informed driver armed with the knowledge of winter tires.

What many don’t realize is that light trucks and SUVs use a different size/type of tire than cars. You can also choose from stud-less ice and snow tires, studded winter/snow tires or performance winter snow tires. Stud-less tires offer maximum traction on ice and snow while studded tires offer good snow traction and the option for studs for more traction on ice. Performance tires offer good handling on dry winter roads.

Whether you choose your tires from us or already have your tires, come to our shop in Chicago and allow us to swap the tires for you so you’re ready for winter driving.



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