Be a School Carpool Hero with These Easy Tips

There's no doubt that a school carpool is a great idea. After all, a school carpool can potentially give you one or more mornings off every week from the rush of the morning commute in Chicago. To ensure you can offer the most to your carpool, then, we at Honda City Chicago offer these smart tips for success.

To make communication easier between yourself and the other parents involved in your carpool, it's a good idea to organize a text or email chat group. This group will ensure everyone stays up-to-date about last-minute changes that could affect the carpool. Another administrative tip is to create a schedule that evenly distributes the school transportation burden. This way, everyone will be sure to contribute equally and will know exactly when it's their turn to take kids to school.

If you need some more space to haul more kids, stop by our dealership to look at our three-row vehicles.



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