Tailgating - 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Tailgating is an important part of summer and fall, especially if you’re a sports lover. We want you to know how to utilize your pickup truck, so you’ll have the best possible tailgating experience. Tailgating is about more than just driving to watch a game. It’s actually become a way of love. Stop at Honda City Chicago to check out the many tailgating supplies we have on hand and get some tips on ways to have a memorable tailgating experience.
  •  Arrive at your destination a few hours before game time to have time to set up, eat and be ready for kickoff.
  •  Make sure your truck is in good condition and current with all maintenance.
  •  Keep all food in a cooler with ice.
  •  Bring a toolbox and extra supplies.
  •  Have plenty of cold water on hand.
Call and schedule an appointment or come to our Chicago shop and let us service your truck so it’s all ready for some great tailgating experiences!



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