How to Check Your Oil

How to Check Your Oil

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Everyone knows that there are tons of benefits of an oil change, but do you know if you need one? If not, it's worth learning how to check your oil. This quick and easy test can let you know a lot about your vehicle's health in mere minutes. Virtually anyone can master checking oil, so let's get started learning how and when to check oil.

Step-By-Step Guide

Whether you have conventional or synthetic oil, you can follow these steps to see what's going on under the hood. We recommend checking your oil when the car is still warm, like after a trip around the block or errands. Then, park your car in a place where you can work undisturbed for a few minutes.
  1. Grab an old rag or fabric scrap that you don't mind getting dirty.
  2. Keep your owner's manual nearby for reference.
  3. When your vehicle is off, pop the hood and prop it open. Be sure that the hood is secure.
  4. Look for the dipstick with a yellow or orange circular handle - usually to the left of the engine.
  5. Pull the handle and wipe off the long piece of metal with your rag. Put the dipstick back.
  6. Pull the handle once more and examine the end of the metal piece. Does it meet the fill line indicator, or does it look like you could use more oil?

Analyzing Your Results

Once you've performed the above steps, it's time for the diagnosis.
  • Does your oil seem clean, and is there a sufficient level in your car? Then you're good to go!
  • Does your oil seem low, but feels clean to the touch? You can add extra motor oil yourself with a funnel.
  • Does your oil seem low and feel gritty to the touch? Your oil is probably past its prime. It's time to head to the shop for an oil change.

Schedule your Oil Change at Honda City

If you don't feel confident knowing how to check oil yet, there's no need to fear. Feel free to contact us at Honda City Chicago for advice, or swing by the dealership at any time. You can even schedule your service online, and our technicians would be happy to perform an inspection or oil change. We're just a short drive away from Cicero and Oak Lawn.
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