Do I Need Winter Tires?

Winter Tires

If you're concerned about winter driving safety, you might be shopping around for cold-weather upgrades before the worst of the snow and ice hits the Chicago area. "Do I need winter tires?" you might wonder. The answer depends. While many drivers are happy with the ease and convenience of all-season tires, once you get a set of winter snow tires, it's hard to look back! Find out why you might want to buy winter tires with Honda City.

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All-Season Tires vs. Winter Snow Tires

Most vehicles come from the dealership with a set of all-season tires. These jack-of-all-trades will take you through the seasons, because they are designed to balance the benefits of summer and winter tires in one set. When it comes to dry roads and mild weather, all-season tires perform well. But in order to create a truly all-season set, compromises must be made. These tires generally lack the grip and durability to handle the treacherous winter weather that is so familiar to Cicero and Oak Lawn drivers. Winter tires, on the other hand, were built especially for ice and snow. They stay surefooted on slick surfaces, acting like a good set of snow boots for your vehicle. The difference in traction and handling can be dramatic!

Choosing the Best Winter Tires

What should you look for if you opt for a set of winter snow tires? The best winter tires have the following characteristics, so be sure to research carefully!

  • Winter tires have more flexible tread rubber that can handle freezing temperatures without hardening or cracking.
  • The tread depth and patterns were designed to wick away snow, sleet, and water from the tire's surface - while maintaining a terrific grip on the road.
  • Biting edges and high sipe densities can enhance your traction even more by digging into the road's surface, even when icy and wet.

Honda City Takes Care of Your Car

Whether you need a new set of winter snow tires or replacement parts before the snow hits, contact us at Honda City Chicago. We'd be happy to get your car ready for the upcoming season, including taking care of all of the winter vehicle maintenance that you might have missed!

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