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Traveling with kids can be a blast, but it's easy to get a little bored en route to your Illinois day trip. Rather than packing tons of books and toys to clutter the cabin, why not try a few of our favorite tried-and-true car games for kids? These fun activities require zero equipment, and the entire family can play!

Activities to Try While Traveling with Kids

  • Twenty Questions: One player thinks of an object, while the rest of the players think of yes-no questions to uncover clues. After twenty questions, the round resets!
  • Alphabet Game: Players scan street signs and license plates, looking for every letter of the alphabet in order. Who can go from A to Z the fastest?
  • Telephone: If you have a full cabin during a carpool, put everyone to work. One player thinks of a phrase to whisper to the next player, who whispers to the next player, and so forth. By the time the phrase works its way around the car, you might be surprised by the end result!

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