When You Take Care of Your Tires, They Can Take Care of You

Since tires are responsible for maintaining grip with the road while you drive, it's critical that you check them periodically. Fortunately, inspecting them is a fairly quick process. If you need guidance, you can always find help at Honda City Chicago.

A tire gauge can tell you what your pressure is. You can find the optimal pressure by looking in your owner's manual or at the sticker affixed to your vehicle, which is usually on the door post behind the driver's seat. A trip to the air pump at the gas station should do the trick if you need some adjustments.

To be safe, you also need to have enough tread; 2/32" is the minimum required. When you insert a penny into your tread, you'll know whether you have to do anything. If Lincoln's head is completely uncovered, it's time to get new tires.



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