Harsh weather can be brutal on your car, so what can you do to prevent wintertime woes? We've assembled our best winter vehicle maintenance tips to prepare your car for the cold weather ahead. From regular DIY maintenance to preventive measures at the shop, there's no reason to head into the winter unprepared! Read our guide to get started, and then check into Honda City's service department for a thorough inspection from seasoned experts.


First thing's first: Dig out your owner's manual. Every car is a little bit different, so this booklet is full of valuable information that is specifically tailored to your make and model. The manual will give you a timetable to follow for services like oil changes and tire rotations, along with the proper measurements for replacement parts like windshield wipers.


Routine maintenance is a small step that can prevent huge problems down the line. Before you head into winter, it's a good idea to take care of maintenance work that you may have neglected. After all, schedules tend to get hectic as the holidays approach. Oil and filter changes are two of the most important services to keep in mind, but don't forget your cooling system and heater as well. Get your fluids flushed and refilled to ensure a great driving experience all winter long. Additionally, many drivers create a small emergency kit to carry in the trunk or glove compartment. This kit can contain anything you may need on the road, from an extra battery charger to jumper cables to flares.


Are you experiencing hard starts, weak braking, or a stalled engine? Then it's time to visit the service department at Honda City! These problems can only get worse as the weather declines, so take control of your car and get those issues fixed. Here are some areas to keep in mind:

  • Engine and driveability problems should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Replace worn windshield wiper blades with a fresh pair to combat sleet, snow, and ice.
  • Remove burnt-out bulbs in your headlights and clean off the lenses for better visibility.
  • Replace your worn tires with a fresh set, or consider investing in winter tires.
  • Get your battery checked regularly, since you cannot do it on you own.

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