Oil changes… they’re easy to get done, they don’t take long, and they don’t cost too much. In fact, they really don’t seem like a big deal, but they are. There are so many benefits of an oil change, starting with the fact that they extend the life of your car. If you don’t change your oil regularly, you’re in for big problems. Don’t forget about oil changes or keep delaying them. Here’s why:

Engine Love

Clean, fresh oil provides major TLC for your engine by cleaning and lubricating the moving parts inside so they run smoothly. Replenishing the oil keeps dirt and gunk from building up, and that’s key because that debris can damage vital parts of your engine. Each time you change your oil and filters, you’re removing unhealthy dirt and particles out of your engine, protecting the important components. Ultimately, your vehicle’s engine will last longer, and it’ll run more smoothly and quietly, too.

Better Gas Mileage

A more smoothly running, lubricated engine has reduced friction, which means it’s working more efficiently. A dirty engine using thick, old oil will run more slowly and less efficiently, causing you to get gas more often. And, fresh oil is less likely to burn and can do its job of absorbing debris, instead of putting out disgusting, polluting emissions.

Oil Change Basics

You should change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and your driving conditions. Newer models with an advanced engine design and cars that use high performance oil can usually go longer in between oil changes. An older vehicle may need oil changes more frequently. Check with your service technician or your owner’s manual for more information on the frequency and type of oil you should use.

Make an Appointment

The benefits of an oil change are substantial, and getting it done is easy, especially when you schedule a service appointment at Honda City. Our certified technicians are experts at their craft, and they can take care of you quickly and efficiently. Stop into our dealership anytime to check out our inventory and maybe take a test drive. We’re happy to help with pricing, financing, and all your service needs, too. Contact us today!

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